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A creative bunch of people

At Belken Ross we have an exceptional team of consultants with a broad range of expertise . We’re committed to solving complex business challenges and we combine our creative and collaborative experience for the benefit of our clients.  Meet some of our passionate and talented team.

The Team

Where the Passion Begins

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A creative bunch of people

 We're committed to solving business challenges.  

We do this by collaborating with creative like minded Associates who share our values.  

Working together and combining our experience and expertise is for the ultimate benefit of our clients


Isobel loves getting the best out of people and their business. She has a wealth of experience across many industry sectors and has delivered diverse projects including Leadership Development, Innovation Workshops in the UK and Europe,  Mentoring CEOs and Entrepreneurs, Sales & Business Development Consultancy and numerous public speaking engagements.     Isobel is also an accredited interviewer and has supported clients to develop a recruitment strategy and source, interview and recruit their teams.


She had a 20+ year career in the financial services sector and for the last 10 years of her career was a Corporate Director and UK Sales Director for divisions of two international banks.

Isobel uses her network of experienced Associates to collaborate on projects where the combined experience will ultimately benefit each specific client.

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Isobel McEwan

Founder and Director

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